Evergreen vs Deciduous Trees

What is the difference between an Evergreen and a Deciduous tree? Evergreen Trees Direct

    Evergreen vs Deciduous Trees

    Differences and Advantages

    Evergreen trees keep their leaves year-round while deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter. Deciduous trees are better at dealing with cold weather while evergreen trees are better at dealing with hot weather.

    Examples of Evergreen Trees

    Examples of evergreen trees include Ficus Varieties, Lilly Pilly Varieties, Banksias, Bay Trees, Pencil Pines and more. View our collection of Evergreen Trees here. 

    Deciduous trees are better at retaining moisture and nutrients and are usually larger than evergreen trees, providing more shade and privacy. Evergreen trees are smaller and better for growing in tight spaces.

    Ultimately, the best type of tree to plant depends on your climate and intended purpose.

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