The Top 10 Hedging Trees for a Dense Hedge

The Top 10 Hedging Trees for a Dense Hedge

    Hedges offer a range of benefits, including privacy, security, noise reduction, and aesthetic beauty. To achieve a dense and well-manicured hedge, selecting the right trees is crucial. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 hedging trees for a dense hedge.

    1. Ficus Hillii/ Ficus Hillii Flash

    Ficus Hillii and Ficus Hillii Flash are excellent choices for hedging due to their dense foliage and hardiness. The Ficus Hillii Flash is a faster-growing and more compact and upright variety with brighter green leaves, while the Ficus Hillii has slightly darker green leaf and is naturally more weeping. These trees grow well in full sun to part shade and require moderate watering.

  • Mature Height: Up to 15 meters.
  • Mature Width: 5-6 meters.
  • Spacing: 0.8-1m apart.
  • Leaf Appearance: Dense, lush foliage.
  • Rate of Growth: Moderate to fast.
  • Both varieties can be maintainted to desired hedge height.¬†

    2. Waterhousea Floribunda

    Waterhousia floribunda, commonly known as Weeping Lilly Pilly, is an elegant Australian native renowned for its graceful, weeping habit and dense, evergreen foliage. It's an excellent choice for creating a lush, living screen that offers both privacy and aesthetic appeal.

    • Mature Height: Can reach up to 10-15 meters, suitable for tall screens.
    • Mature Width: Spans around 5-8 meters when untrimmed, providing extensive coverage.
    • Spacing: Plant 2-3m apart to ensure a thick, bushy hedge.
    • Leaf Appearance: Features soft, green leaves that create a cascading effect.
    • Rate of Growth: Fast-growing, which allows for quick establishment of the hedge.
    • Light Requirements: Thrives in full sun to part shade.
    • Watering Needs: Prefers regular watering, especially in dry periods.

    3. Laurus Nobilis 'Miles Choice'

    An exceptional choice for formal hedges, 'Miles Choice' is renowned for its aromatic leaves and neat growth. It's perfect for creating structured, fragrant borders in gardens.

    • Mature Height: Up to 10 meters.
    • Mature Width: 3-4 meters.
    • Spacing: 0.8-1m apart.
    • Leaf Appearance: Dark green, aromatic leaves.
    • Rate of Growth: Moderate.
    • Native to: Mediterranean region.
    • Notable Features: Aromatic leaves, ideal for decorative hedges.


    4. Syzygium Backyard Bliss Lilly Pilly

    A popular choice for modern landscapes, it's known for its resilience to pests and diseases. Its compact growth makes it suitable for small gardens and narrow spaces.

    • Mature Height:¬†3-5 meters.
    • Mature Width:¬†2-3 meters.
    • Spacing:¬†0.8-1m apart.
    • Leaf Appearance:¬†Dark green leaves.
    • Rate of Growth:¬†Moderate.
    • Native to:¬†Australia.
    • Notable Features:¬†Compact growth, suitable for small gardens and containers.

    5. Tristaniopsis Luscious - Watergum

    Tristaniopsis Luscious is an Australian native tree with glossy green leaves and a dense habit, making it an excellent choice for hedging. It prefers full sun to part shade and requires regular watering.

    • Mature Height: Up to 10-12 meters.
    • Mature Width: 5-6 meters.
    • Spacing: 0.8-1m apart.
    • Leaf Appearance: Glossy green leaves.
    • Rate of Growth: Moderate.
    • Native to: Australia.
    • Notable Features: Ideal for creating lush, green hedges.

    6. Acmena Smithii Sublime - Lilly Pilly

    Acmena smithii 'Sublime' is native to Australia. It is an evergreen tree that can grow up to 5 meters tall and 4 meters wide. The leaves are glossy and dark green. 'Sublime' is prized for its dense, compact habit and its ability to be pruned and shaped into hedges. It prefers full sun to part shade and requires regular watering.

    • Mature Height: Typically reaches up to 5 meters, making it versatile for medium-height screening.
    • Mature Width: Can spread around 2-4 meters, providing substantial privacy.
    • Spacing: Plant 1 to form a thick, lush hedge.
    • Sun Preference: Adapts well to both full sun and partial shade.
    • Watering Needs: Moderate, with good drought tolerance once established.
    • Disease Resistance: Notably resistant to pests and diseases, ensuring long-term resilience.
    • Leaf Appearance: Features vibrant green, glossy leaves that can flush with shades of red in new growth.
    • Growth Rate: Exhibits fast growth, quickly establishing as a hedge or feature.

    7. Cupressus Leylandii 'Better Green'

    Cupressus Leylandii 'Better Green' is a fast-growing conifer, perfect for creating a quick, dense hedge on large properties, farms, and coastal homes. It forms a neat, columnar shape and is favored for its dense green foliage that offers privacy and windbreaks.'
    • Mature Height: Achieves 15-20 meters, suitable for tall screens.
    • Mature Width: Grows to 5-6 meters, ideal for broad coverage.
    • Spacing: Best planted 0.8-1m apart for optimal hedge formation.
    • Sun Preference: Thrives in full sun environments.
    • Watering Needs: Requires moderate watering, resilient in varied conditions.
    • Disease Resistance: Shows strong resistance to canker, preventing unsightly brown patches and maintaining hedge health.

    This variety is an excellent choice over Leighton Green due to its robust canker resistance, ensuring a healthier and more visually appealing hedge for years to come.

    8. Magnolia Grandiflora 'Teddy Bear'

    A compact magnolia variant, 'Teddy Bear' is valued for its glossy leaves and large, fragrant flowers. Ideal for small gardens, offering beauty throughout the year.

    • Mature Height: 8-10 meters.
    • Mature Width: 4-5 meters.
    • Spacing: 0.8-1m apart.
    • Leaf Appearance: Glossy, dark green leaves.
    • Rate of Growth: Moderate.
    • Native to: Southeastern United States.
    • Notable Features: Compact growth, ideal for small gardens and urban landscapes.

    9. Olea Europea Tolleys Upright

    An upright variety of olive tree, perfect for narrow spaces or as a feature plant. It offers the classic olive foliage and form, but with a more contained growth habit.

    • Vertical Growth: Its upright nature is ideal for tight spaces needing height.
    • Foliage: Offers dense, silver-green leaves for year-round interest.
    • Growth Rate: Moderately fast-growing, establishing itself relatively quickly for an olive variety.
    • Durability: Extremely hardy, tolerating a range of climates and soil conditions.
    • Care: Known for its low maintenance requirements.
    • Fruit Production: Capable of producing olives, with the added benefit of being an ornamental feature.
    • Wind Tolerance: Its robust nature withstands windy conditions, making it suitable for exposed sites.
    • Noise Barrier: Can be used to reduce sound as part of a mixed planting.
    • Pollution Resilience: Adapts well to urban environments, coping with pollution.
    • Formal Aesthetic: Its conical shape lends itself to formal garden designs and can be easily pruned to maintain shape.

    10. Pittosporum Tenufolium 'Green Pillar'

    Known for its slender, upright growth, 'Green Pillar' is ideal for creating formal hedges or screens, especially in limited spaces. It provides dense foliage and a neat, columnar shape.

    • Mature Height: Up to 10 meters.
    • Mature Width: 2-3 meters.
    • Spacing: 0.8-1m apart.
    • Leaf Appearance: Small, glossy green leaves.
    • Rate of Growth: Moderate.
    • Native to: New Zealand.



    Choosing the right hedging trees is crucial to achieving a dense and well-manicured hedge. The trees discussed in this blog post are excellent choices due to their dense foliage, hardiness, and attractive appearance. By selecting the right trees and providing them with proper care, you can create a beautiful and functional hedge for your garden.

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