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TO PLANT WITH YOUR Populus yunnanensis

Populus yunnanensis 45L Bag Evergreen Trees Direct
  • Populus yunnanensis 45L Bag Evergreen Trees Direct
Populus yunnanensis 45L Bag Evergreen Trees Direct
Learn About your new Populus yunnanensiss

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Additional Information You Should Know About Populus yunnanensis


Height Guide For Populus yunnanensis


Why Choose Populus yunnanensis For Your Garden?


How To Grow Populus yunnanensis In Different Soil Types


Planting Your Populus yunnanensis: Ensuring A Strong Start


Watering Requirements After Planting

When you plant a new tree, it's crucial to give it the right start by ensuring it receives sufficient water. Here’s a general guideline for watering your newly planted tree:

  • Immediately After Planting: Water your tree generously right after planting your Populus yunnanensis to settle the soil around the roots and eliminate any air pockets.
  • First Three Months: The initial three months are critical for the establishment of the tree. During this period, the tree should be hand watered twice daily, in the morning and evening. This helps the roots grow deep and strong.
  • Irrigation System: If you have an irrigation system, adjust it to ensure the tree gets adequate water during these first months.
  • Adjusting to Weather Conditions: Always consider the weather conditions and adjust your watering accordingly. In hotter and drier periods, additional watering may be necessary.

Consistent attention to your tree’s watering needs during this initial period will help ensure its healthy growth and long-term success in your garden.


Root Ball Guide

Here is our guide for planting your trees with the appropriate root ball dimensions. When planting, we recommend digging a hole that is 10% larger than the size of your pot, and teasing the rootball before planting to promote better root growth.

Root Ball Dimensions:

  • 40cm Pot: 44 x 38.5 cm
  • 45L Bag: 41.8 x 41.8 cm
  • 50cm Squat Pot: 49.5 x 34.1 cm
  • 50cm Pot: 49.5 x 35.2 cm
  • 70L Pot: 55 x 41.8 cm
  • 75L Bag: 55 x 48.4 cm
  • 90L Pot: 59.4 x 44 cm
  • 100L Bag: 50.6 x 52.8 cm
  • 100L Squat Bag: 58.3 x 49.5 cm
  • 100L Pot: 66 x 49.5 cm
  • 150L Bag: 66 x 55 cm
  • 155L Pot: 74.8 x 52.8 cm
  • 200L Bag: 71.5 x 60.5 cm
  • 280L Pot: 91.3 x 55 cm
  • 300L Bag: 88 x 63.8 cm
  • 400L Bag: 99 x 66 cm
  • 500L Bag: 122 x 66 cm
  • 1000L Bag: 146.3 x 71.5 cm
  • 2000L Bag: 176 x 82.5 cm

Follow these dimensions to ensure a smooth planting process and optimal growth for your new tree.


Caring For Your Populus yunnanensis


Frequently Asked Questions About Populus yunnanensis

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Huge selection of quality trees, bought two mature olives which took the garden we have been constructing from blank canvas to established garden instantly

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Thank you for the wonderful trees! Evergreen were professional and easy to deal with Communication was a breeze from start to finish. We were verv happy to receive the beautiful waterhousea. They have aesthetically added to our project!

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Really great range and very helpful team. I recently bought a large crepe myrtle and I was really pleased with both the size and the quality of the tree. By far the best value feature trees I've seen.