Magnolia Little Gem vs Teddy Bear Magnolia

Magnolia Little Gem vs Teddy Bear Magnolia Evergreen Trees Direct

The Difference Between Magnolia Little Gem and Magnolia Teddy Bear

Two of the most popular varieties are the Magnolia Little Gem and the Teddy Bear Magnolia. In this post, we'll explore the key differences between these two types of magnolias to help you choose the right one for your needs.


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Height and Hardiness

The Magnolia Little Gem is a smaller tree, reaching a maximum height of around 6 meters at maturity. In contrast, the Teddy Bear Magnolia can grow up to 10 meters tall. Both trees are hardy and can withstand tough conditions, but the Teddy Bear Magnolia is generally considered to be more disease-resistant.

Their Flowers

The flowers of Teddy Bear Magnolia are slightly larger, being 15cm in diameter compared to the 10cm flowers of Magnolia Little Gem.

The shape of the flowers is also different; Teddy Bear flowers are more cup-shaped while Magnolia Little Gem flowers are more star-shaped. 

The flowers of the Magnolia Little Gem are typically white with a touch of pink, while the blossoms of the Teddy Bear Magnolia are more of a creamy white color.

The blooming period for both varieties is March through April.

Their Leaves

The leaves of Magnolia Little Gem are smaller and more rounded. Magnolia Teddy Bear leaves are typically larger with more elongated leaves.

The leaves of the Little Gem are a glossy dark green color, while the leaves of the Teddy Bear Magnolia are a matte green color.

Growth Rate

Magnolia Little Gem has a moderate growth rate of around 30cm - 75cm per year, while Teddy Bear Magnolia has a slower growth rate of around 15cm - 50cm per year.

This means that Magnolia Little Gem will reach its mature height in around 20 years, while Teddy Bear Magnolia may take up to 50 years to reach its full height.

Our Recommendation

If you're looking for a smaller magnolia tree with star-shaped flowers, the Magnolia Little Gem is an excellent choice. It's a compact tree that can fit in even small gardens, and its flowers are stunning. If you're looking for a larger tree with show-stopping flowers, the Teddy Bear Magnolia is the way to go. Its cup-shaped flowers are impressive, and it can make a real statement in any garden or landscape. Ultimately, both trees are beautiful and will provide years of enjoyment.

Our Range of Magnolias

We have a large range of plants from more mature plants to more drawf trees. 

Magnolia Little Gem Vs Teddy Bear Magnolia

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T Dillon
Could you please advise is the fastest growing of the magnolia grandiflora between Teddy Bear and Little Gem? Also is there another breed that is even faster growing. Thanks
Lisa O’Reilly

Are Magnolia teddy Bears deciduous?


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