Mornington Peninsula Project

Mornington Peninsula Project

    At Evergreen Trees Direct, we're thrilled to showcase one of our most esteemed projects to date located on the Mornington Peninsula. This landscape project, designed by Jack Merlo, showcases an intricate blend of aesthetics, function, and environmental sensibility. Shop The Look Below!

    Design Philosophy

    When the project commenced in 2017, our objective was clear: to supply a collection of advanced trees that would not only thrive in the environment but also  to perfectly showcase Jack Merlo's landscape design. Today, years on, we observe how each tree has grown, contributing significantly to the garden's structure and privacy.


    Pyrus Nivalis - Snow Pears:

    The Snow Pears stand as natural sculptures, their vertical forms bringing structure and seasonal hues to the garden.

    Uses: Feature tree, structural element

    Mature Height & Width: 7-8m; 4-5m

    Growth Rate & Form: Moderate; regally upright

    Foliage: Glossy, greyish leaves that offer a unique, muted palette in gardens, deciduous

    Maintenance: Minimal; thrives in sunlit spaces 

    Lagerstroemia indica 'Natchez' - White Crepe Myrtle:

    Chosen for their ornate blooms, these trees add a layer of elegance and a flourish of colour to the property.

    Uses: Feature tree, ornamental flourish

    Mature Height & Width: 6-8m; 3-4m

    Foliage: Lush, dark green transitioning to a rich red in autumn, creating a dual-tone spectacle, deciduous

    Maintenance: Low; drought-tolerant, basking in full sun

    White Crepe MyrtleCrepe Myrtle Natchez 

    Olea Europaea 'Kalamata' - Kalamata Olive:

    These trees bring a Mediterranean essence, offering both visual charm and the coveted Kalamata olive.

    Uses: Feature tree, culinary production

    Mature Height & Width: 2-4m tall; 2-3m wide

    Foliage: Silver-green leaves that catch the light, adding a Mediterranean flair, evergreen

    Maintenance: Moderate; requires well-drained soil and sunny conditions Kalamata Olive Tree

    Cupressus 'Better Green' - Conifer:

    Our Better Green conifers act as a privacy screen and a windbreak along the boundary line, offering privacy to the property and also a green, lush backdrop year round. The Better Green is a Canker Resistant variety so it reduces your risk of your privacy trees becoming diseased. 

    Uses: Hedging, privacy screen

    Mature Height & Width: Up to 6m; 1-2m

    Foliage: Bright green, soft to the touch, providing a year-round lush appearance, evergreen

    Maintenance: Regular watering, especially in dry periods, adaptable to various conditions

    Rhaphiolepsis Oriental Pearl:

    Planted beneath the Pyrus Nivalis Pear Trees, Rhaphiolepsis Oriental Pearl adds structure and greenery with its topiary ball shape. This choice brings extra depth to the garden, making the space more dynamic.

    Uses: Feature greenery, structure

    Foliage: Dark green, evergreen

    Maintenance: Low; occasional shaping to keep its form.

    Cupressus Sempervirens Pencil Pines:

    Around the property and near storage sheds, Cupressus Sempervirens Pencil Pines introduce greenery and height. These trees add a natural touch to utilitarian spaces without taking up much room.

    Uses: Screening, vertical accent

    Mature Height & Width: Over 10m height; about 1m width

    Foliage: Evergreen, dense, dark green

    Maintenance: Minimal; drought-tolerant once established.

    Cupressus Pencil PinesCupressus Pencil Pine

    Angophra Costata - Sydney Red Gum:

    Native to Australia, these trees were a great addition to the space and the natural heritage of the property, ensuring the landscape remains tethered to its indigenous roots.

    Uses: Screening, native feature tree

    Mature Height & Width: Varies with environment but typically around 20m - 30m tall, width 15-25m

    Foliage: Robust and textured, offering a touch of the wild, seamlessly blending into the garden, evergreen

    Maintenance: Naturally resilient, requiring minimal intervention

    Angophora Costata

    Project Overview

    The Mornington Peninsula Project reflects our ethos at Evergreen Trees Direct: that every tree we supply is not just a fixture but a living, growing entity that shapes the landscape's future. Through the combined efforts of Jack Merlo's design expertise and our quality tree supply, this garden stands as a beacon of landscape architecture that embraces both beauty and utility.


    Landscape Design: @jackmerlolandscapedesign 

    Photography: @erikholtphotography

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