The Benefits Of Planting Trees In Winter

The Benefits Of Planting Trees In Winter

    Planting Trees in Winter: Your Key to Success

    Thinking about planting trees? Don't wait for spring, start in winter! Let's dive into why this could be the best decision for your new trees.

    The Logic Behind Winter Planting

    Winter provides unique conditions that can give your trees a head start. In winter, trees, especially deciduous ones, are dormant, meaning they aren't actively growing. This makes winter an ideal time to plant because it doesn't disrupt their natural cycle. Even evergreen trees, which are not truly dormant, grow at a much slower pace during these cooler months, making them good candidates for winter planting too. The cooler, moist conditions of winter are particularly beneficial in helping tree roots establish before the hot summer months.

    The Top Three Perks of Winter Tree Planting

    Let's take a closer look at the benefits that winter tree planting can bring:

    1. Better Adaptation:

    Whether it's deciduous or evergreen, trees planted in winter are less likely to suffer from transplant shock, a common problem when trees are planted during active growth periods.

    2. Encourages Root Development:

    Winter's conditions naturally redirect a tree's energy towards root growth instead of foliage. This lays down a strong foundation, enabling the tree to absorb more nutrients and water when spring arrives.

    3. Water Conservation:

    The moist conditions of winter mean you won't need to water your newly planted trees as often. This is not only convenient for you but also means less stress for the tree when summer's heat arrives.

    Winter tree planting allows your trees to have a strong, healthy start, and eases your tree care routine. So why hold off until spring? Pick out your favourite trees this winter, get planting, and watch them thrive in the upcoming months.

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    We have a birch in a pot about 4m high. Want to plant out but roots have grown out of pot. When should we plant it out? Also interested in your maples. What price is your delivery to Canberra? Thank you. Pat.

    Patricia Allen

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