9 Best Feature Tree Options to Transform Your Garden

9 Best Feature Tree Options to Transform Your Garden

    9 Best Feature Tree Options to Transform Your Garden

    1. Magnolia Soulangeana 'Vulcan'

    Perfect if you want: a low-maintenance, show-stopping, deep burgundy coloured flower in spring that will be the focal point of your garden.

    The 'Vulcan' is a hybrid Magnolia with a compact and upright growth habit, making it suitable for small to medium-sized gardens. With an average height of 4-6 meters and a spread of 3-4 meters, it is a manageable size for most garden spaces.

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    2. Prunus Blireana

    Perfect for: gardeners who want to add vivid and romantic hues to their garden, and for those looking for a tree that offers beautiful springtime blooms and striking foliage colour throughout the season.

    Prunus Blireana is a low-maintenance tree that typically doesn't suffer from many diseases, making it an ideal option for gardeners who want a stunning feature without the hassle. With a height of 3-4 meters and a spread of 3 meters, it’s a fantastic choice for small to medium-sized gardens.

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    3. Crepe Myrtles

    Perfect if you want: Long-lasting, vivid colour in your garden. These heat-tolerant trees produce an abundance of crinkled flowers in various hues, from white to deep red, throughout the summer.

    Lagerstroemia Indica Crepe Myrtles

    4. Olive Trees

    Olive Trees are perfect for adding Mediterranean vibes to your garden, these trees are not only beautiful but also practical, providing delicious olives for the keen home cook. Here are some standout options for feature trees:


    • Correggiola - Perfect for those looking for a tree that is visually appealing and produces high-quality oil.
    • Kalamata - Perfect for lovers of the famous Kalamata table olives.
    • Swan Hill - Perfect for those desiring a nearly fruitless olive tree, with all the aesthetic benefits and none of the mess.
    • Manzanillo - Perfect for those who desire a dual-purpose tree that is visually stunning and produces excellent table olives.
    • Olea Europea Crates - Perfect for those seeking an impactful, mature presence immediately.

    Olive Trees

    5. Magnolia Soulangeana

    Perfect if you want: a traditional, elegant feature with large, tulip-like, fragrant blossoms that exude grace and romance in early spring.

    This classic Magnolia features large, saucer-shaped flowers that are a blend of pink and white.

    Magnolia Soulangeana

    6. Japanese Maples

    Perfect if you want: to create a serene, Japanese-inspired garden sanctuary. Their delicate leaves and radiant autumnal colour can be a calming, low-maintenance centrepiece.

    These small, deciduous trees are known for their stunning fall colour and gracefully arching branches.

    Japanese Maples

    7. Oak Trees

    Perfect if you want: a majestic, timeless, and enduring addition that can be a noble, shade-giving centrepiece for generations to come.

    Oak Trees are known for their grandeur, longevity, and the substantial shade they provide.

    Oak Trees

    8. Bottle Trees

    Perfect if you want: a unique, sculptural element that’s drought-resistant and a genuine conversation starter with its artistic and exotic touch.

    These trees have a distinctive, bottle-like swollen trunk and are a fabulous addition to a water-wise garden.

    Bottle Tree - Brachychiton Rupestris

    9. Magnolias

    Magnolias are an iconic choice for those looking to bring classic elegance to their landscapes. Whether your garden is large or small, there is a Magnolia perfect for your space.

    • Little Gem: Perfect for smaller spaces due to its compact size, yet still offers the classic large, fragrant, white flowers. This variety provides an elegant focal point without overwhelming the area.
    • Teddy Bear: Ideal for smaller gardens thanks to its dense, shrubby habit. It offers large, fragrant blooms that will transform a small space into a lush, fragrant paradise.
    • Greenback: A wonderful choice for larger spaces. It’s known for its glossy green leaves and large, fragrant white flowers that serve as a standout feature in a spacious garden.
    • Coolwyn Gloss: Excellent for larger gardens, where its high-gloss leaves and large, fragrant white flowers can be fully appreciated as they have the space to truly make a statement.



    Selecting a feature tree is a significant and exciting decision. Each of these trees is more than just a plant; it’s a long-term addition to your living space. They promise to transform your garden into a living masterpiece — whether you seek grand, fragrant blossoms, vibrant seasonal colours, or hardy, low-maintenance elegance.

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