Lewisham Road Prahran Project - Evergreen Trees Direct

Lewisham Road Prahran Project - Evergreen Trees Direct

    Welcome to our landscaping showcase at Lewisham Road North, Prahran. This project highlights our use of Ficus Hillii Flash and Betula Pendula Moss White - Silver Birch trees to create a beautiful, low maintenance and practical garden.

    Ficus Hillii Flash is great for privacy because of its thick, evergreen leaves. The Silver Birch adds beauty with its white bark and green leaves, making the garden look special. 

    We also used smaller plants like Arthropodium, Fatsia Japonica, and others to add variety and balance to the garden, making it more interesting.

    81 Lewisham Road, North Prahran




    • Uses: Hedging and Screening
    • Mature Height: 10m - 15m tall (approx). Height can be maintained to desired height.
    • Mature Width: 3m - 5m (approx)
    • Growth Rate: Moderate to fast, around 30-60cm per year (approx) under ideal conditions.
    • Form: Upright, dense branching habit
    • Foliage: Dark green, glossy leaves, approximately 10cm long and 5cm wide, evergreen.
    • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
    • Pruning: Minimal, a few times a year, can be pruned more often to maintain desired height.
    • Position & Soil: Full sun to part shade, tolerates most soils, prefers well-drained soil.
    • Maintenance: Low

    Ficus Hillii Flash is an excellent choice for privacy and noise reduction due to its dense foliage and fast growth habit.

    Ficus Hillii Flash

    Betula Pendula Moss White - Silver Birch

    • Uses: Ornamental, shade, windbreak
    • Mature Height: 15-24 meters
    • Mature Width: 6-12 meters
    • Growth Rate: Fast
    • Form: Upright, pyramidal when young, later rounded with drooping branches
    • Foliage: Delicate, light green, triangular leaves
    • Evergreen/Deciduous: Deciduous
    • Pruning: Late winter/early spring for dead/diseased branches, thinning as needed
    • Position & Soil: Sunny to partially shaded, adaptable to various soils
    • Maintenance: Requires regular watering, mulching, balanced fertilizer in spring, and pest/disease inspections

    In the Prahran project, three Betula Pendula Moss White - Silver Birch trees were planted to create a magical feel in the garden and add visual impact. Their distinctive white bark and lush green foliage contribute to the enchanting ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

    By incorporating these carefully selected trees, including the Ficus Hillii Flash for hedging and screening, as well as the majestic Silver Birch with its elegant form, we successfully transformed the Prahran project into a captivating and inviting space. The combination of these trees not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also contributed to a vibrant and sustainable environment.

    Smaller Shrubs

    To enhance the landscape, we carefully selected a variety of smaller shrubs for the project, including:

    🌿 Arthropodium: Charming shrubs with strap-like leaves and delicate white flowers, ideal for ground cover.

    🌿 Fatsia Japonica: Exotic shrubs with large, glossy leaves, suitable for both full sun and shade.

    🌿 Tractor Seat Plants (Ligularia reniformis): Robust perennials with round leaves, thriving in moist, shady areas and featuring striking yellow flowers.

    🌿 Helleborus orientalis: Elegant shrubs, also known as Lenten Rose, with downward-facing blooms in various colors, perfect for shade-loving areas.

    🌿 Hydrangea quercifolia: Dramatic shrubs with large, oak-like foliage and cone-shaped flowers, thriving in partial shade.

    🌿 Buxus japonica: Classic Japanese Boxwood, a popular choice for neat hedges and borders, offering dense evergreen foliage.

    These carefully chosen smaller shrubs added texture, color, and structure to the landscape, creating a visually captivating and well-balanced design.

    For more information, please contact us or send your plant schedules to sales@evergreentrees.com.au.

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