At Evergreen Trees Direct, we pride ourselves on being the premier supplier of advanced trees for both commercial and residential landscaping ventures. Through our expansive supplier network and unwavering commitment to quality, we've established ourselves as the go-to for developers, landscapers, builders, and homeowners keen on enhancing their outdoor environments.

Our expertise is not limited to just residential projects. We deeply understand the intricacies of commercial landscaping – the necessity for captivating aesthetics intertwined with functionality and ease of maintenance. To this end, we offer a diverse range of advanced trees, from the resilient evergreens to the graceful deciduous varieties. Every tree we offer is chosen with utmost care, ensuring they are disease-resistant, require minimal upkeep, and are primed to flourish within commercial landscapes.

Whether catering to intimate residential projects or grand commercial developments, our dedicated team is ever ready to assist. From tree selection to timely delivery, our promise is twofold: impeccable quality and unmatched customer service. Trust in Evergreen Trees Direct to realize your landscaping aspirations.

Position Overview:

As the Office Manager at Evergreen Trees Direct, your role is pivotal in maintaining the seamless operations of our day-to-day activities. You will take charge of a myriad of administrative, bookkeeping, and organizational responsibilities, while also lending essential support to the company's directors.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Bookkeeping: Oversee financial records, process invoices, and assist in budgeting.
  2. Administrative Support: Ensure efficient office management through tasks like appointment scheduling, file organization, and office supply management.
  3. Data Entry: Ensure our systems remain current through precise and timely data entry.
  4. Order Dispatch: Organize and manage the dispatch of orders, ensuring punctuality.
  5. Supplier Coordination: Cultivate and uphold relationships with suppliers, negotiate deals, and guarantee quality product delivery.
  6. Employee Onboarding: Efficiently process employee contracts and handle relevant documentation.
  7. Client Communication: Address phone calls related to order processing and respond to email queries promptly.
  8. Assisting Directors: Aid the directors in varied tasks such as research, correspondence, and project coordination.


  • Proven background in office management or similar administrative roles.
  • Distinct organizational and multitasking capabilities.
  • Skilled in bookkeeping and data entry.
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Detail-oriented approach.
  • Mastery in Microsoft Office and related software.
  • Capacity to function autonomously and collaboratively.


  • Competitive remuneration reflecting experience.
  • Pathways for professional advancement.
  • Collaborative and supportive work milieu.
  • Contribution to a sustainable and green future.

How to Apply:

If you possess a keen organizational acumen and are motivated to contribute positively to the environment, we invite you to apply. Forward your resume along with a cover letter, elaborating on your pertinent experience to ARABELLA@EVERGREENTREES.COM.AU

Evergreen Trees Direct champions equal opportunities and encourages individuals from all backgrounds to apply. Be part of our quest for a greener, more vibrant world!