Magnolia Grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear'

Magnolia Grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear' Evergreen Trees Direct

    The evergreen Bull Bay Magnoliaceae 'Teddy Bear', a hybrid of the famous Australian species Magnolia stellata and M. bulleri, was introduced into cultivation in the early 1990s. Its name refers to its flowers being shaped like teddy bears, hence the common name Teddy Bear magnolia. The teddy bear magnolia has been around for over 100 years and is still very popular tree today. It is an excellent choice for any garden because of its long blooming season and attractive flowers.

    The flowers have a sweet fragrance.

    The flowers of the teddy bear magnolia are large and showy with a bright yellow center surrounded by white petals. They bloom throughout the summer months and last well into fall. This variety of magnolia is easy to care for and requires little maintenance.

    It is recommended that you prune your teddy bear magnolia every spring or fall. Pruning will help keep it healthy and prevent it from becoming too leggy. 


    They bloom from late spring through summer.

    Magnolia Teddy bear produces large clusters of fragrant, creamy white blooms that resemble miniature versions of the iconic stuffed toy. It forms a pyramid shape cluster of white fragrant flowers, each about 10cm across. The clusters are borne on long slender stems which rise up to 30cm tall.

    Plant your Magnolia in Full Sun or Partial Shade

    The Magnolia Teddy bear grows best in full sun or partial shade but will tolerate some afternoon shade as well. It can be grown in average soil conditions and does not require much water during the growing season. During winter it should be kept dry. If you live in a cold climate, this magnolia may need protection from hard frosts. Once established, it requires little watering.


    Magnolias require moderate watering

    Magnolia Grandiflora Teddy bears require regular watering in their infancy.

    The best time to water is when the plant is dormant, usually from late fall through early spring. Watering should be done with a fine spray or mist and not allowed to sit on the leaves for more than one minute. If you are using a sprinkler system, make sure that it is set at a low setting so as not to burn the foliage. The soil around the base of the tree should be moistened regularly.

    Once established, Magnolias require little to moderate watering.



    Magnolia Teddy Bear have dark green and glossy leaves

    Magnolia Teddy bear have dark green, glossy, oval leaves with a slight bronze tint. They are slightly wavy along the edges and have a distinctive V shape at the base.


    The plant grows up to 3 meters tall.

    The Magnolia Grandiflora Teddy Bear grows up to 3 meters tall and has a rounded crown. The magnolia when established has dense foliage of green leaves and beautiful white flowers. 


    Magnolias are a Hardy Plant

    The Magnolia Teddy bear is a very hardy plant and can withstand the heat and humidity of the warmer months and summer without showing signs of stress. 


    Magnolias can be used as a screening plant or a feature tree

    Magnolias have many different use cases in your garden. Because they are evergreen trees (meaning they keep their leaves all year round), they are perfect in your garden as a beautiful hedging plant/ screening plant with the foliage for privacy all year round.

    The magnolia teddy bear can be used as a feature tree or as ornamental plants in your garden.


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