The Teddy Bear Magnolia - Why This Tree is a Must-Have for Your Garden

The Teddy Bear Magnolia - Why This Tree is a Must-Have for Your Garden Evergreen Trees Direct

    Teddy Bear Magnolia Characteristics

    Growth Rate: Teddy bear magnolias have a fast growth rate

    Use Cases: Hedging Trees, Screening Plant, Feature Trees, Evergreen Screen, Ornamental Trees

    Look: Large green leaves, fragrant white scented flowers, Dense foliage, Oval Leaves, Dark Green on Top, Felted Bronze undersides of leaves.

    Flowers: Magnolia Teddy Bear flowers in Spring through summer. Flowers will peak in late summer. They have perfumed white flowers.

    Plant Hardiness: Teddy Bear Magnolia Trees are a very hardy plant

    Deciduous or Evergreen Tree? Magnolia Teddy Bears are Evergreen Trees

    Watering: Low maintenance with watering once established. Prefer well draining soil.

    Pruning: Remove Dead wood and branches growing in the wrong direction. Tip prune to stimulate dense foliage.

    Maintenance: Fertilise trees in spring with a slow release osmocote and tip prune if required.


    If you're looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance tree to add to your garden, look no further than the Magnolia Grandiflora Teddy Bear. This hybrid tree is a cross between the Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) and the Fraser magnolia (Magnolia fraseri), and it was bred to be compact and cold-hardy. Teddy Bear Magnolias are perfect for small yards or gardens, and they make an excellent specimen plant. They are also Evergreen Trees, meaning they keep their leaves year round and have gorgeous white flowers. Read on to learn more about why the TeddyBear Magnolia is the right tree for you.

    The Teddy Bear Magnolia's Flowers are Spectacular

    One of the best things about the Teddy Bear Magnolia is its large green glossy leaves and its stunning flowers. The flowers are large and white, and have lovely fragrant flowers with a lemony scent. The flowers appear in late spring or early summer, and they're absolutely gorgeous against the dark green glossy leaves of the tree. Even better? The flowers are borne on the trunk and branches, so you'll be able to enjoy them even if the leaves have been blown off in a storm.


    This Tree is Easy to Care For

    Another great thing about the Teddy Bear Magnolia is that it's easy to care for. This tree is relatively pest- and disease-resistant, and it's tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions. In the trees infancy it will need regular watering to help it establish. Once it's established, it's quite drought-tolerant, so you won't need to worry about watering it during dry periods. It's also salt-tolerant, so it can handle being near roads or sidewalks where de-icing salt is used in winter. Just give it some room to grow - this tree can reach 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide at maturity - and it will thrive with minimal care from you.


    They grow beautiful white perfumed flowers 


    It has statement white flowers that last all season long, which makes it a wonderful addition to any garden. If you want a tree that adds beauty and fragrance to your yard, then the Teddy Bear Magnolia might just be what you've been looking for.


    What are the use cases for Magnolia Teddy Bear in my garden?

    Teddy Bear Magnolias are ideal as hedges because they grow quickly and are extremely dense. Because they grow a dense green foliage, they are also great shade trees. You can plant one or two of these trees around your property, and they'll provide privacy and screening without blocking out too much light. These trees are also good for adding color to a shady area of your yard, especially when planted close together.


    If you're looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance tree for your yard or garden, the Teddy Bear Magnolia is a great choice. With its stunning flowers and easy-care requirements, this hybrid magnolia is sure to become a favorite in any landscape.


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