'Better Green': A Canker-Resistant Alternative to Leighton Green Cypress

'Better Green': A Canker-Resistant Alternative to Leighton Green Cypress Evergreen Trees Direct

    XCupressocyparis leylandii 'Madeline' PBR Bettergreen: A Canker- resilient alternative to Leighton Green

    When it comes to hedging, conifers are a popular choice. But what happens when your conifers become infected with canker? This fungus can create dead brown patches in the hedge, drastically reducing its aesthetic appeal and making it an eyesore in your landscape. Even killing the tree over time. Fortunately, there is an alternative: Bettergreen cypress.' This variety of Leyland Cypress is highly resilient to canker and offers a great alternative to Leighton green. Let’s take a closer look.

    Mature height: 20+ m
    Mature spread: 10m
    Spacing: 1 plant per lineal metre
    Plant form/habit: Pyramidal
    Position: Full sun
    Leaf hold: Evergreen
    Benefit: Dark green foliage, 30% quicker growth
    Climate: Cold, cool temperate, warm temperate
    Water requirement: Drought tolerant
    Disease Resistance: Greater resilience to the various forms of canker in Australia.

    What is Canker?

    Canker is a fungal infection caused by a group of fungi known as Seridium neocupressi, Botryospharia spp. and Pestilotioptia spp. These can act as a "soup" infecting the branchlet, branch and trunk. It affects various species of conifers, including Leighton green and Monterey cypresses. It usually starts off as small black spots on the needles or branchlets/branches of the tree which then spread and cause spreading dieback and discoloration or even death in some cases.

    Cupressus Leylandii ‘Madeline’ PBR Bettergreen: The Solution

    ‘Better Green’ is a variety of Leyland Cypress that has been specifically selected for its resilience to canker. This makes it an ideal alternative to Leighton green cypresses, which are highly susceptible to this fungal infection. ‘Better Green’ also has other advantages, such as being tolerant of salt spray and wind exposure and is 30% quicker growing than other Leyland Cypress.

    Characteristics of 'Better Green'

    'Better Green' is an evergreen conifer that grows in a pyramidal shape.. It has a mature height of 20+ meters and can be easily pruned down to 3 meters if desired. This conifer thrives in full sun and is reasonably drought tolerant, meaning it does not require much water to survive. As for spacing, one plant per lineal metre should be enough to create an aesthetically pleasing hedge or border.

    Better Green

    Planting Conditions

    'Better Green' will tolerate both hot and cold climates, although it does prefer warm temperatures and can grow well in humid or non humid climate zones. Bettergreen can be successfully grown from Hobart to Cairns. In addition, it requires plenty of sun exposure, with at least 6 hours of direct sunshine per day to ensure optimal growth.

    Pruning Requirements

    Due to its fast growth habit, Cupressus leylandii 'Better Green' needs regular pruning - about two to three times a year - in order to keep its shape and size under control. Pruning will also help maintain the desirable form of the hedge while keeping it looking neat and orderly throughout the year. Be sure to use sharp shears when pruning your hedge; blunt shears tend to crush rather than cut branches off neatly which can lead to unsightly damage to the plant itself.
    Better Green

    Wind Protection

    'Better Green' makes an excellent wind barrier due to its dense foliage and rigid structure that can withstand strong gusts without being damaged or uprooted easily. This makes it ideal for gardens located in areas with frequent strong winds or storms that could potentially cause damage by toppling trees or other plants in your garden. The dense foliage also helps reduce noise pollution from outside sources such as traffic or construction sites by acting as an acoustic buffer zone between your garden and noisy environments beyond its borders!
    Better Green

    All in all, 'Better Green' is an excellent choice when looking for low-maintenance hedge material that will tolerate heat and cold, dry or humid conditions, and even strong winds. Its resilience to the various cankers makes it preferable over other varieties such as Leighton green, while its fast growth rate means that regular pruning will be required (two to three times per year). With these factors taken into consideration, 'Better Green' should definitely be on your list when searching for the perfect hedging solution.
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